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The Agri-Musée

at Rochehaut-sur-Semois, or "Farming Life in the Past"

In the ?s (last century!), Rochehaut-sur-Semois would celebrate its harvests enthusiastically.
By opening an "Agri-Musée" on the heights of the village of Rochehaut-sur-Semois, the Boreux Family has made these festivities, anchored in rural life, live on.  Better still, it means that present and future generations can see a remarkable evocation of the life of our forebears..
As visitors wander through the twenty display areas of the Agri-Musee, they are taken back in time to a different world, travelling through the stages of the farming life of the past. They will see the farmhouse and scenes from the hard rural lives of our ancestors -  carpentry, metalworking, threshing, milling, tiling ... as well as a joiner's shop and even fire brigade equipment!

Today, an impressive number of "vestiges" of the olden-days farming have found their way into the Agri-Musée.  In this huge wooden building at the entrance to the village, hundreds of old tools for working the land, and many items of restored old agricultural machinery, mostly in perfect working order, have been gathered together and are displayed on three storeys.

Agri Musée Agri Musée

The Agri-Musée is becoming a top tourist attraction and an impressive reminder of how things were - not really so long ago.

Agri Musée Agri Musée

Agri Musée

Extract from an Agri-Musée film

"Les Canadas aux rousses"

There are some outstanding pieces on display in the Agri-Musée:
a Buffalo steam tractor going back to 1882, a 1907 Vandeuvre steam "locomobile" and a Fordson tractor on iron wheels, the Massey-Harris threshing machine and its binder, from 1899, the Hard Parr, Farmal Regular and others, John Deere D., etc.
This outstanding museum is up and running thanks to Luc Boreux, Michel and Marc's brother.

Luc Buffalo Agri Musée Agri Musée

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